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We Offer Full  Services for your Industrial digitalization project

Why do so many digitalization projects in the Industry fail or are not on time and Budget?

Most of the time integration Teams are lacking vital competences or are focused only a single Competence within a complex project.

Here at the meshmakers we have a unique Team of Experts from different Areas of the Digitalization. All of them together we can rely on more than 100 manyears of Integration and Project Management Experience. This makes us the perfect Team for your Industrial Digitalization project


Our Offering

Evaluation & Consulting Services

Analyzing the digitalization potential before starting projects in companies with industrial processes is crucial for identifying areas where the most significant improvements can be made and for ensuring that investments in digital technologies are aligned with overall business objectives. By taking this approach, companies can maximize the return on their investments, better prioritize their digitalization efforts, and avoid potential risks.

Project Management & Government Funding

Proper project Management and government funding are essential for a successful digitalization journey. By securing government funding and making use of it as part of a well-structured plan, companies can mitigate financial risks and invest in the necessary digital technologies and resources to stay competitive and thrive in the digital age.

Solution Implementation

A monitored and well strucutured implementation process which includes timelines, resources, and performance metrics is necessary to ensure successful execution and continuous improvement of your projects.


To ensure the ongoing success of your digitization project you need to focus on specialized expertise, cost savings, and a reduction of risk.

We provide the necessary resources, technical knowledge and support, in order to ensure the efficient and secure operation of your solution. While also providing opportunities for scalability, flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions, technology trends and customer needs.

The team behind the meshmakers