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As a Team and with our platform we can provide a range of services supporting your digital journey:

  • We can help you to analyze the digitalization potential of your existing infrastructure & processes
  • We are experts for the integration of industrial processes into other software packages or platforms, such as ERP / MES / or any other solution existing in your supply chain
  • Our Octo Mesh platform is designed to collect, tune-up and analyze data from any source. It helps you to identify trends, optimize processes, and to improve the performance of your assets & processes
  • With the help of the Octo Mesh platform, we can Automatize repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and reduce the potential for errors while processing your data
  • As a Team, we can help you implementing real-time monitoring and control systems to improve decision making and enable for example proactive maintenance processes
  • With our experience we can help you to reach your Industrial Cybersecurity Targets by providing you with the right knowledge & Services in the field of the IEC 62443 standard.

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